Choices for 2014

Audiences can purchase tickets and passes online at or in person at Walden Theatre with cash or plastic during Festival Box Office hours. Pass holders should reserve their seats for individual performances as early as possible in the Festival. Seating is not guaranteed for Pass holders without prior reservation.

Please note: Slant is enjoyed best with at least one partner. Don’t be bashful.


$12-SINGLE TICKET: Gateway Slant

$25-BUDGET PASS: All shows any Wed or Thu (excludes Launch Party)

$25-DAY PASS: Any single day Fri, Sat, or Sun

$45-WEEKEND PASS: Either 1st or 2nd weekend

$65-FESTIVAL PASS: 11 days of Slant, and if purchased

A purchased general ticket can be redeemed for face value towards a Day, Budget, Weekend, or Festival Pass at any time.