Producing Company Offerings

Jane the Plain

Walden Theatre |  by August Schulenburg, directed by Alec Volz

She’s no outcast, just plain. That is, before an explicit selfie ruins her rep and before a cosmic encounter remakes her into a beauty. Now Jane is at the pinnacle of popularity, but can she & her friendships withstand the adoration — and the jealous sabotage?

This production contains language and themes intended for a mature audience.

Nov 15 11 pm | Nov 16 3 pm | Nov 20 7 pm | Nov 22 3 pm

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Adult Audition Workshops 

Walden Theatre |  with Charlie Sexton and Julane havens

Artistic Director Charlie Sexton and Associate Artistic Director Julane Havens will lead participants through the audition process – from monologue selection, to cold readings, to representing yourself with headshot and resume – and coach participants on their pieces. No prior experience is necessary. These workshops are for both novice and experienced actors wanting to prepare for theatre auditions.

Nov 16 & 23 3:00-5:30pm  |  $50 for either date or $85 for both
NOTE: Audition Workshops are open to anyone and offered independent from Festival Pass access (though Festival Pass holders receive $10 discount)

To register, contact Charlie Sexton 502.589.0084


Theatre [502] | by Mike Bartlett, directed by Mike Brooks, featuring Lucas Adams, Phil Lynch, Leah Roberts, and Bryce Wiebe

Knowing one of them is about to get the ax, three employees negotiate their distance from the chopping block in a mesmerizing dance to the death. A modern satire on survival, Bull keeps audiences laughing and cringing to the brutal end.

Directed by Theatre [502] Co-Artistic Director Mike Brooks, Bull marks the company’s first foray into the work of a non-American playwright, the acclaimed Mike Bartlett. It also returns to the stage [502] audience favorites Lucas Adams and Leah Roberts (most recently seen in Auctioning the Ainsleys), recent Ludlow Quinn Presents actor Phil Lynch, and introduces Bryce Wiebe.

This production contains language and themes intended for a mature audience.

Nov 13 9:00 pm  | Nov 15 7:00 pm  | Nov 21 7:00 pm  | Nov 23 5:00 pm

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The Maids

Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company | By Jean Genet, adapted and directed by Tad Chitwood, featuring Victoria Reibel, Karina Strange, and Beth Tantanella

Jean Genet’s The Maids, first performed in Paris in 1947, has long been a staple of confrontational and daring contemporary theatre. It was particularly championed by Jean-Paul Sartre, Jean Cocteau, and Pablo Picasso, all of whom were instrumental in bringing it to the stage. The Maids (in French, “Les Bonnes”) is essentially unclassifiable. By turns absurdist, symbolic, and reflective of Artaud’s “Theatre of Cruelty,” it remains a masterpiece of stunning theatrical energy. The maids are Solange and Claire, lower-class domestics deeply resentful of their inferior social position, who try to revenge themselves against society by destroying Madame, their employer. That process, however, leads them to an odd role-playing ritual during which murder becomes, in their minds, not so much a possibility as a necessity. Controversial, shocking, and fascinating, The Maids has not lost its power since its first production.

This production contains a sexual situation intended for a mature audience.

Nov 15 9 pm | Nov 16 5 pm | Nov 19 9 pm | Nov 22 7 pm

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The Buddy Gilm Show

Louisville Improvisors | created/improvised by the ensemble

The Buddy Gilm Show is the Louisville Improvisors tribute to old time radio, music and comedy variety shows of the past. “We’ve done concept shows before, but this time we wanted to combine fiction and reality.” says Alec Volz (Louisville Improvisors) “It’s a fake radio show with real people.” says Chris Anger (also of Louisville Improvisors). Brian Hinds was unavailable for comment and Jenni Cochran was nowhere to be found.

The Buddy Gilm Show is a one-hour radio variety show. Packed with songs, witty banter,surprise special guests, and genuinely moving moments.

Surrounded by his usual coterie of supporting players including his long suffering announcer Jerry Jenkins, Band leader Battle-Ax Adderall, character actor and Foley artist Daniel Loomis and the Stage Manager, Buddy Gilm is the most famous radio host you’ve never heard of.

This production contains language intended for a mature audience.

Nov 14 10 pm | Nov 16 7 pm  | Nov 21 9 pm | Nov 22 5 pm

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Ton of Bricks

Think Tank Theatre | created/performed by the ensemble

First loves. First kisses. Sure things. Near misses. Think Tank Theatre proudly presents its inaugural production, Ton of Bricks, a brand new docu-theatrical musical. Devised by the ensemble through a series of extensive interviews, Ton of Bricks features real-life tales of the ups and downs of love, with original songs and a dance or two thrown in for good measure.

Think Tank Theatre is a new ensemble devoted to the creation of new works, exploring the creative potential of collaboration with actors and artists across any and all disciplines to create unique theatrical experiences. Co-Artistic Directors Kyle Ware and Tony Dingman created Think Tank Theatre following the retirement of Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble. Le Petomane was a founding Producing Company of the Slant Culture Theatre Festival; Think Tank and Slant are proud to continue the collaborative spirit with which the festival was founded.

The brainchild of Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble’s  Kyle Ware and Tony Dingman, makes it’s debut performance with a play about the ups and downs of love and everything in between. This collaborative piece will feature true stories of love from the Louisville community.

This production contains some language intended for a mature audience.

Nov 13 7 pm | Nov 15 5 pm | Nov 22 9 pm | Nov 23 3 pm

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Slant Presents


The Moth StorySLAM

The Moth | produced by Tara Anderson, hosted by Erin Keane

The Moth StorySLAM is an open-mic storytelling competition that happens the last Tuesday of every month at Headliners in Louisville (plus in twelve other cities around the country). The Moth is delighted to present the Slanty version of the StorySLAM as part of the festival again this year! We choose 10 storytellers at random, and each story is scored by 3 teams of judges selected from the audience. Bring a story to share or just come to listen. Storytelling guidelines are at It’s old-fashioned analog entertainment!

The theme for the special Slant Culture edition is CHEMISTRY. Prepare a five-minute story about the power of combinations. Complex reactions, sparks, explosions…magical solutions. Dynamic rapport and explosive interactions. Opposites that attract or pheromones that fizzle. Lessons in the lab of life. Transformation. Safety goggles ON. Cu There.

Nov 14 – doors at 7 pm, show at 7:30 pm

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The Snow Queeen

Walden Theatre |  by Stanton Wood, based on the Hans Christian Andersen story, directed by Neill Robertson

A lively, contemporary, world-spanning adaptation of the beloved classic tale of love, friendship, and determination that stays true to the spirit of the original while incorporating flavors from samba, rap, and hip hop.

Nov 15 1:30 pm | Nov 19 7 pm | Nov 22 1:30 pm | Nov 23 1:30 pm

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Jim Thorpe – All American

Chris Anger – writer & performer | directed by Alec Volz

Jim Thorpe – All American continues the story that Chris Anger began with Dead Astronauts, his hilarious and candid solo show from the 2013 Festival. Follow Chris as he struggles with freedom, addiction, and wardrobe choices.
This production contains language intended for a mature audience.

Nov 13 9:30 pm  | Nov 15 9:30 pm  | Nov 20 9:30 pm  | Nov 23 5:30 pm


Mountain Language

Walden Theatre Alumni Co. | by Harold Pinter, directed by Benjamin Park

This show is how a Holocaust starts. It shows the process behind alienating humans to a point that genocide and imprisonment makes sense to the monsters committing the crimes. That behind a set of bland rules and violent cronies, one set of humans can cripple another set of humans in complete and utter secrecy.
This production includes gunshots and strobe effects as well as language & themes intended for a mature audience.

Nov 15 3 pm | Nov 16 9 pm | Nov 20 9 pm | Nov 21 11 pm


“Unraveling Our Navels So That We May Ingest the Sun”

Featuring The Loohavul Lip and audience participants | directed by Lance Newman
In collaboration with Louisville Literary Arts

Spoken word poetry is musical, political, competitive, and entertaining. Spoken word poets do not read or recite— they perform. The result is visceral, with words emerging from the poet’s heart, lungs and belly. In this interactive performance, members of THE LOOAVULL LIP will introduce the audience to the poetry and culture of the spoken word and slam poetry movements. Snap! Snap!

This is NOT your mother’s poetry reading. Traditional readings provoke images of audiences sitting in silent rapt attention while sipping coffee and listening to poems backed by soft bongos. Spoken word poetry relies on noisy participation by audiences, and often uses random audience members as judges.

*Credit for our title goes to international superstar slam poet, musician, filmmaker, actor— Saul Williams.

Nov 22 5:30 pm

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Slant Guest Shows

Louisville Championship Arm Wrestling: WRIST IN PEACE

Baby Horse Theatre Group |  devised by the company

Here comes the bare-knuckled inter-gender Arm-Wrestling tournament of the century!  Get ready to witness the pinnacle  of Sports Entertainment as Louisville’s roughest, rowdiest, and smelliest Arm Wrestlers risk it all with their elbows planted firmly on the squared circle of guts and glory!
This production contains language and violence intended for mature audiences.

Nov 13 7:30 pm  | Nov 15 11:00 pm  | Nov 21 11 pm

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Blizzard of ’92

Marrow Street Theater | by Rachel White

Blizzard of ’92 is a one-act drama exploring a young woman’s dreamy trip through successive winters and an evolving family landscape. When Mary loses her mother and grandmother during a nasty winter she becomes displaced in her family circle and haunted by ghosts from her past. Then she meets George, a working class WWI fighter pilot with a past of his own. Mary and George traverse life through various time periods, experiences, and successive losses until Mary finds herself alone in a strange new world surrounded by people she doesn’t know.

Nov 14 7:30 pm  | Nov 21 7:30 pm  | Nov 22 4:00 pm

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The Lesson

Theatre Farouche | by Eugene Ionesco, translated by Nancy Jones

Nancy Jones translates this classic piece of absurdist French Theatre with a contemporary spin. Eugene Ionesco’s 1951 classic one-act comedy about an insane professor tutoring a brick-brained student helped usher in the Theater of the Absurd. Though an obsequious maid warns the professor not to get too carried away by frustration, the professor’s growing exasperation leads to his increasingly loopy teachings. The student simply cannot grasp the most remedial aspects of mathematics or philology and suffers growing head pains in direct proportion to the rising lunacy of the professor’s lectures, until their mutual rage ascends to a lethally deranged pitch. Ionesco taps into every student’s worst nightmare in THE LESSON.
This production contains language and a situation intended for a mature audience.

Nov 14 9:00 pm  | Nov 16 5:30 pm  | Nov 21 9:30 pm

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Oedipus Rex: The Original MF

The Bard’s Town Theatre  |  created by the company

It doesn’t matter what choices Oedipus makes, he is destined to fulfill the horrendous prophecy of killing his father and marrying his mother. His fate cannot be escaped or can it? Oedipus will turn to the audience to decide his fate in this “Choose Your Own Adventure” interactive drinking play*. You are our oracles as we re-write the story of Oedipus where no one knows (not even us!) how the play might end. Will Oedipus finally defeat his prophecy? Or will he mark his place in history forever as the original mother***er?
*This play elicits drinking to include the audience in our absurd social experiment, but drinking from audience members is not required for the piece. That decision will be up to the audience members themselves.
This production contains language and themes intended for a mature audience and elicits audience drinking. Drinking is not required.

Nov 14 10:30 pm  | Nov 15 7:30 pm  | Nov 22 9:30 pm

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Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking

Cody Clark – writer/performer

Cody Clark has a different way of thinking. And, it’s safe to say, a different way of seeing the world.  Whether it’s finding the magic in an everyday moment, or creating an everyday moment in his magic, the magician’s art is never far from his mind. But it isn’t the only thing. Cody discovered his love for magic at age 11, 9 years and 9 months after his parents discovered he had autism. Through stage magic and story, slight of hand and journey of mind, Cody will show you the world through his eyes.
Maybe you’ll find that his way of thinking isn’t all too different from yours.

Nov 15 2:30 pm  | Nov 19 7:30 pm  | Nov 22 2:30 pm

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Uncaged Desenjauladas

Looking for Lilith Theatre Company | devised by the ensemble

Looking for Lilith has created a new, multi-lingual, multi-media work, Uncaged Desenjauladas, combining the talents of local LFL artists & Latina actors, and our Guatemalan partners. Slant audiences will witness the artistic journey of the Guatemaltecas over the last decade, as they have discovered their artistic voices and used those voices to educate and uplift other women. This journey is encapsulated through the national icon of the quetzal, a bird who does not sing when in captivity. The production will include existing scenes created in Guatemala, integrated with new work created this fall, and video of both new and existing scenes. The production is a reflection of a decade of work in a groundbreaking international collaboration.

Nov 15 5:30 pm | Nov 20 7:30 pm | Nov 23 2:30 pm


You Better Sit Down: Tales from My Parents’ Divorce

Eve Theatre Company | written or created by Anne Kauffman, Matthew Maher, Caitlin Miller,  Jennifer R. Morris, Janice Paran, Robbie Collier Sublet

Crafted from interviews between the original cast (The Civilians, NYC) and their parents, YOU BETTER SIT DOWN is a heartbreaking and hilarious account of the parents’ marriages and their subsequent divorces.  These delicate parent/child conversations yield unique insights into falling in love, falling out of love,  and rebuilding a life after the complex experience of dividing a family.  The show explores each couple’s first meeting, the ups and downs of their marriage, their split and their surprising perspectives of life after divorce.   This provocative show reveals the stories behind the statistics of one of the most prominent social phenomena of our time.
This production contains language and themes intended for a mature audience.

Nov 15 4:00 pm  | Nov 16 7:30 pm  | Nov 22 7:30 pm

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Melinda Beck – writer/performer

Agatha is running for Student Council, the cheer squad, quick recall and the lead role in the school play. But apparently there’s a lot of competition to be considered for co-assistant treasurer, towel holder, tally taker and chorus member #4. As Agatha deals with her speech impediment and self-esteem, she finds an unlikely friend in a Mexican exchange student, rekindles her flame for Simon the Bruster’s Burgers burger boy, and somehow finds the strength to get through high school.
This production contains some language and themes intended for a mature audience.

Nov 16 4:00 pm | Nov 19 9:30 pm | Nov 23 4:00 pm

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