ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS Special to the Festival:

The Moth | produced by Tara Anderson, hosted by Erin Keane

The Moth StorySLAM is an open-mic storytelling competition that happens the last Tuesday of every month at Headliners in Louisville (plus in twelve other cities around the country). The Moth is delighted to present the Slanty version of the StorySLAM as part of the festival this year! The theme for the special Slant Culture edition is ATTITUDE. Prepare a 5-minute true story on that theme and you can put your name into the hat that night. We choose 10 storytellers at random, and each story is scored by 3 teams of judges selected from the audience. Bring a story to share or just come to listen. Storytelling guidelines are at It’s old-fashioned analog entertainment!

Nov 15 – doors at 7 pm, show at 7:30 pm

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From Shakespeare to Grindhouse: History, Influences, and Legacy

Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company | lecture by J. Barrett Cooper

Exploring the rich history of the genre of horror and terror, this lecture looks into the history of the Theatre Grand Guignol; how it took its cue from the “naturalistic” theatre of its own time and that of Shakespeare and the Jacobeans revenge plays 400 years earlier. The lecture will also examine the stage practices of the time; secrets to mixtures of blood and special effects that were so private that many were kept in safes. Also the lecture will touch upon the influence it had on the B-Movies and Grindhouse films and Quentin Tarantino.

Nov 16 2 pm

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facilitated by Gil Reyes

The American Theatre is full of new plays and new playwrights making exciting advances in our field.  Keeping up with all of the newest work is difficult — especially in our day-job-plus lives.  In his experience working directly with playwrights in the development of new plays and as a Co-Artistic Director of Theatre [502], whose commitment to recent an relevant theatre for Louisville audiences keeps him in constant “research and read” mode, Gil Reyes has his eye on a wide variety of emerging writers and their work.  In this session, Gil will give a brief intro to some of the most exciting things happening in contemporary dramatic literature, and leave you with resources to learn more..

Nov 23 2:30 pm

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DEAD ASTRONAUTS – A Comic Monologue
Louisville Improvisors | by Chris Anger, directed by Alec Volz

I come from a long line of comics with heart trouble. Throw in childhood depression, high blood pressure, alcoholism, drug addiction, adultery, divorce and what you get is just another average American family story. But it’s mine, not yours.

It starts with a trip to the emergency room with chest pains. What follows is a look back to what led me up to that moment and how dead astronauts played an important enough part of my growing up that I put them in the title.  It’s an honest and somewhat open look at my life, which like any life, is equal parts comedy and tragedy.

Nov 16 9 pm | Nov 17 4 pm | Nov 21 9 pm | Nov 24 5:30 pm

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Slant Culture Theatre Festival  |  written & performed by Teresa Willis, directed by Jennifer Pennington

At once funny and insightful, Teresa Willis’ award-winning solo performance piece examines conditioned racism in the well-meaning heart. Following one white woman’s journey from innocence to apathy to awakening, Eenie Meanie employs music, video, and spoken word using Willis’ own experiences to provide a deeply personal perspective on baby-boomer racism.

Nov 16 7:30 pm | Nov 21 7:30 pm | Nov 24 4 pm

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Baby Horse Theatre Group  |  written by John Ford, adapted by Jon Becraft

John Ford’s controversial tale of incest and bloodshed, reimagined as a gore-riddled haunted house. There is no lighting except the various handheld flashlights given to random audience members before the show. These lights are the only things that will reveal what lurks in the shadows around you.

Nov 16 10:30 pm  | Nov 17 7:30 pm  | Nov 20 9 pm   | Nov 23 10:30 pm

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CHOICES: An Interactive Play on Cyberbullying and Suicide
Looking for Lilith | developed by the ensemble, directed by Jennifer Thalman Kepler

“Choices” is an interactive theatre piece in the Forum Theatre style of Augusto Boalís Theatre of the Oppressed.  Audience will observe a 20 minute play about 15 year old Hannah, a victim of cyber-bullyng, followed by 40 minutes of ìinterventionsî in which audience members can advise Hannah, or even replace her onstage!19.

Nov 16 2:30 pm | Nov 20 7:30 pm  | Nov 23 5:30 pm   | Nov 24 2:30 pm

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Walden Theatre Alumni Company | written Jaime Mire, directed by Benjamin Park

Play: A Comedy is a show that takes the heavy issue of domestic abuse and places it into the eyes of two innocents, Jessica and Joey, ages 8 and 9, who have just befriended each other. While smattered with tinges of comedy, watching these two youths struggle to understand mental and physical abuse is as shocking as it is true to so many around the world.

Nov 15 7 PM | Nov 16 4 PM | Nov 22 10:30 PM | Nov 23 7:30 PM

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Pandora Productions | written by Silas House, directed by Michael Drury

An honest attempt to unravel the religious, social, and deeply emotional social complexities of one of the most misunderstood religions in America.  There are dark, difficult questions pressing down on the people of Apppalachia that can only be solved from within.

Nov 15 10 PM | Nov 17 5:30 PM | Nov 22 7:30 PM | Nov 23 9 PM

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Marrow Street Theater | written by Rachel White, directed by Brian Hinds

The Gardeners is an art theater piece combining the artwork of sculptor Patrick White and the writing of Rachel White to tell the story of a robot tomato gardener living with a family of plugged in humans.  It is a tragic-comedy sci-fi fable about our current state of virtual connectedness.

Nov 15 8:30 PM | Nov 16 5:30 PM | Nov 22 9 PM | Nov 23 4 PM

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